Money back when you buy.
Reduced listing fees when you sell.

How Buyer Rebates Work

How it works

I pay my clients a REBATE on the common 3%  commission at closing. This is paid as a credit at closing and can be used towards closing costs, taxes and homeowner's insurance. Keep the money you have saved in your pocket and use mine.  Many builders do contribute to closing costs but it is rarely enough to cover all of the expenses with obtaining a new loan.  This rebate will be part of your sales contract and paid on your final settlement statement at closing.

Putting it in to action

Print the Buyer's Representation Agreement at the bottom of this site and complete with your information. Take a copy with you to be presented to the builder's representative.  If, for example, your new home has a sales price of $300,000 you can expect a rebate of $3000.  Now, this is important, some builders have restrictions on rebates, please confirm this with the sales counselor or even better allow me to speak to them on your behalf before the contract is written.

Don't Forget This Step

When you visit a builder's model you will be asked to complete a visitor information card. Don't  forget to include my information as your realtor on that first visit. If you have already visited a model and are just finding this site you may still be able to use my services by producing the representation agreement. I will always make a call to the builder's representative for you as well in your behalf.

Buyer's Representation Agreement

This is it in writing! Just complete your information, print and carry it with you when you visit the models.

RRE Forms (pdf)


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It is important to carry your Buyer's Representation Agreement in to the model on your first visit when possible. At the very least when you register complete the card as working with a realtor, Michele Ciomperlik License 0371539

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